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  1. Baby
  2. Child - Girl
  3. Child - Boy
  4. Woman
  5. Man

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  1. Birth
  2. Birthday
  3. Love
  4. Housewarming
  5. Graduate
  6. Wedding
  7. New job

In the age group of...

  1. 0-1 years
  2. 1-5 years
  3. 5-10 years
  4. 10-17 years
  5. 18-99 years

For the price of...

  1. 0-10 euro
  2. 10-20 euro
  3. 20-30 euro
  4. 30-40 euro
  5. 40-50 euro
  6. 50-100 euro
  7. 100-999 euro


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About HOP | House of Products
About HOP | House of Products

We already knew giving presents is more fun that receiving them. That's why at HOP | House of Products you will always find gift ideas for original gifts, for the sweetest babies, the most beautiful daughters, toughest sons, the brave moms and best dads! Or you could of course just get a nice gift for yourself! If you order at HOP you'll receive gifts with a good story behind them as they are produced fairly and sustainably. Don't know what gift to get? No problem, use our personal shopper to discover the ultimate gift idea with ease.