Baby born? You have to celebrate with a nice present of course! Naturally you want the new parents to like the gift as much as you do, but which present do well with new mommy’s and daddy’s? With 4 babies born at HOP during the last six months, we have established quite some knowledge on this,

So here’s our top 5!

#1 PAPER BAGS From our point of view, paper bags are the best invention ever! Designer Roos uses them everywhere in house and now in the baby’s room as well! By folding the smallest paper bag one more time, you create a nice container for in the dresser.

#2 BABY BOOK An amazing gift to all new parents – if they didn’t get it during the maternity yet. The baby book records milestones of the kids first year, making a very special personal memory! The beautiful cover stating ‘and so the adventure begins’ makes a great eye catcher in the baby’s room! You can now purchase the baby book for a set price together with matching mile stone cards and a baby toiletry bag!

PS: Also the reading books are an ideal maternity gift. Books are very important to the development and growth of a kid. Pick a book with a nice cover so it looks great on the shelve!


#3 FLAGS Flag lines are just for parties? Not if we decide! We find them very stylish in the baby’s room. Designer Roos, received two of them during her maternity and she didn’t mind at all! She hung one of them behind the window and one above the dresser. We like the blue accent in the room a lot – stylish, but not hysterical! An ideal baby shower gift to celebrate a newborn!

#4 (ALL) MIES EN CO ITEMS At HOP we are great supporters of this brand, as they have beautiful blankets and cuddling toys of soft material. De toy-and-pacifier-in-one is our favorite; handy and sweet! Also the hydrophilic cloths by this brand are a must-have to new moms, you can’t have enough!

#GROW CHART In its first six months a baby only sees the contrast between black and white. Afterwards it starts seeing the colors in his or her room. Therefore, we are a big fan of Wee Gallery products. They use amazing monochrome designs to fit every baby’s room. Surprise the brand new parents with one of the four growth measurers. The monochrome color combos will make them fit in every kids room and your kid can enjoy it for a very long time!

Need more inspiration? Then read the blog about designer Roos’ baby’s room!