House of Products is not only specialized in stationery and gifts but also in wrapping paper, click here to go to our B2B shop. HOP designs all its products in-house. We only work with suppliers that purchase their paper in a responsible way (FSC or Recycle) and make sure their personnel is treated according the BSCI-certificate guidelines. 

But we look further then just our own supply chain, we strive for optimisation daily. We reuse every box that enters our warehouse, use rejected paper designs to fill up boxes and have ruled all plastic out of our packaging procedures. Since 2018 our warehouse is 100% provided with LED-lighting.

As a partner of the organization Trees for All, we try to reduce our footprint. We plant trees through the 1-2 program, where we plant one tree in the Netherlands and one tree abroad. The counter now stands on more than 200 trees.