We started in 2015, with great passion and fun, to make this new brand the most unique and distinctive online giftstore to be found on internet. And yes, we did stand out and still we get so much positive response and feedback from our customers regarding to our service and collections. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and presented over the last three years… it still makes us happy, but made us wiser as well. After many brainstorms and meetings, we now like to inform your about the next step the HOP team is going to take.

In the coming weeks we will be waving our ‘third-party-brands’ goodbye and will turn our webshop into a monobrand store, only offering our own label House of Products (HOP). Shortly (week) 42 we will launch an amazing new collection in stationery! This is where our expertise and true passion lays and this is what our future will look like as well. We look forward to this new phase and will surely update you on all developments.

We look forward to what is coming!

The HOP Team